If you’d like to learn more about our division, read on and, if you have any questions, please let us know.

A Little Background

Who we are.

We are part of Baltimore, the nation’s oldest city magazine (founded in 1907). Our design & print division was formed over 20 years ago to serve local businesses and nonprofits that were magazine advertisers and/or readers. These early clients expected (and received) the same level of creative commitment they saw monthly in Baltimore. We’ve grown a bit since then, but still emulate these same high standards. Design, photographic, and production quality is of paramount importance to us, and just as readers come first for the magazine, client satisfaction is the primary goal for our division.

What we do.

Marketing Collateral design + copywriting + print production Publications design + copywriting + print production Print Advertising design

Logo/Stationery design + print production Direct Mail design + print production + list and mailshop services Website + E-Marketing design

How we do it.

While our designers pride themselves on producing smart, effective (and good-looking) creative, our production folks have different criteria for success. They examine projects from every angle and search for cost-saving efficiencies and press viability. Sometimes this translates to shaving 1⁄4” from a brochure. But 1⁄4” may make a big difference to the bottom line. If we can save you money, we’ll be sure to let you know. Our fees are also extremely competitive. Because of our efficient company structure, our design rates are below the industry average. As for production, because Baltimore magazine generates millions of dollars a year in printing, we can offer wholesale printing prices.

Why we do it.

We love design. And we love the myriad—frequently subtle— details that can make a good design great. We also love happy, relaxed clients and strive to make their jobs easier by taking care of those nagging details that used to keep them up at night. We’ve tallied up nearly 100 years of cumulative industry experience and have learned that being responsive, proficient, and conscientious partners serves our clients—and our business— well. In fact, most of our clients were referred to us by word of mouth, and we continue to service accounts that came to us more than a decade ago. We love that.