Citizen Brain

September 17 is Citizenship Day in the U.S., which got us wondering: Would you pass our (totally made up) citizenship test?

By Amy Mulvihill - September 2015

1. What is the name of this synthetic siding material that John Waters once called “the polyester of brick”?

2. Baltimore has many nicknames. Which of the following is not one of them:

3. The Inner Harbor is actually a branch of what river?

4. Including its president, there are _____ members of the Baltimore City Council, each elected to a _____ year term.

5. Which of the following famous figures is not buried in Baltimore’s Green Mount Cemetery:

6. Match the famous city high school with its athletics team:

1. Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
a. Knights
2. Baltimore City College
b. Doves
3. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
c. Poets
4. Western High School
d. Engineers

7. How is Baltimore-born composer Philip Glass related to Baltimore-born This American Life host Ira Glass?

8. Under Armour’s Locust Point headquarters is located in a renovated factory that once manufactured what household detergent?

9. Why, if it runs east-west, is North Avenue so named?

10. True or False: Baltimoreans Thurgood Marshall and Cab Calloway attended college together.

(ANSWERS: 1. Formstone 2. Crabville 3. Patapsco River 4. 15; 4-year term 5. Edgar Allan Poe 6. 1c, 2a, 3d, 4b 7. They are cousins 8. Tide 9. Because it formed the northern border of the city from 1816 to 1888 10. True)


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